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Defense of Second Amendment 8- Border Security

AI Phillips for Delegate Maryland District 39 in Gaithersburg. Maryland, is a website that promotes common-sense policy. Stronger border security and a
protected Second Amendment are needed now.

Second Amendment:

Al believes that the Second Amendment is a right that belongs to individuals and not the people collectively, as was affirmed in the US Supreme Court Heller (2008) and McDonald (2011) decisions. Our founding fathers warned of bad consequences if the American people were to be disarmed, and he believes that this is still true today. AI also believes that all gun control laws are unconstitutional, and gun control is civilian disarmament; albeit done on a piecemeal basis. If elected, AI will support efforts to make Maryland a shall-issue. concealed~carry state. as well as repealing existing onerous and unnecessary regulations designed to discourage Maryland's citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Traditional Values:

AI believes that lite begins at conception, and thus considers himself pro-life. AI will always be opposed to abortion on demand, as well as partial birth abortion. The only purpose for any abortive procedure, he believes, is to protect the life of the mother. Marriage should only be between one man and one woman. illegal Immigration. Al supports the efforts of all states that choose to solve their own illegal immigration problems as they see fit. Those who enter the US. illegally are not entitled to its benefits. as they have committed a crime just by coming here the way that they did. Therefore, the state of Maryland should not be funding any organizations that help them stay here, regardless of their status. AI opposes amnesty for illegal aliens. and he has no problem at all with those who pursue the proper channels to immigrate legally.

Contact the office of AI Phillips in Galtheaburg. Maryland. for more Information about his positions.

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Al Phillips For Maryland State Senate District 39
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By authority of Debra L. Phillips, treasurer, Al Phillips for State Senate, MD District 39